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Give your family a gift of a lifetime. Record their life story and memories in a legacy video for your family to watch forever.


We specialize in preserving and sharing the stories of families. We take care of everything from filming to editing, so all you have to do is show up on the day of your shoot. 

Preserving memories, capturing stories, and honoring the legacies of those who came before us is a timeless pursuit. At [Your Website Name], we believe in the power of legacy videos to transcend time, connect generations, and create a lasting impact.

Legacy videos are more than just recordings; they are windows into the lives, experiences, and wisdom of our loved ones. They preserve the laughter, tears, and cherished moments that weave the fabric of our families and communities.

Imagine being able to hear the voice of your great-grandparent, sharing their journey, their triumphs, and the lessons they learned along the way. With a legacy video, you can capture and preserve these invaluable stories, passing them down to future generations as a cherished inheritance.

These videos go beyond mere documentation; they become heirlooms of the heart. They allow us to connect with our roots, fostering a deeper understanding of who we are and where we come from. They inspire us, provide guidance, and remind us of the resilience, love, and wisdom that flow through our family’s veins.

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HI, my name is Raymond Torres and this is how OSM Legacy was born, unfortunately thru Death.

Hello, my name is Raymond Torres and I want to thank you for visiting Legacy Video. If what we do here doesn’t make your heart smile then something must be wrong with it. The story below reflects why I created OSM Legacy Video:

My older brother Juan L. Torres (R.I.P) passed away at 40 years old of a Motorcycle accident in Staten Island, NY. I remember I had to be strong for my Mom & Dad considering a lost to their son. His 2 young children and other family members and friends. I didn’t really understand how but something triggered something in me after his death. 

One week after he passed we were searching for some old VHS video tapes of my brother and could not find anything. After a vigorous search we finally found one video of him for about 40 seconds and we sure did enjoy it for that moment. Click learn below.

CEO/Founder: Raymond Torres

What is the Legacy Filming Process?

You are sitting at a table with your family, talking about the legacy they will pass on to future generations. We take an interest in what you have been doing so far and how it relates back to this discussion when we ask questions like “What’s one thing every person needs?”.

Writing Story

We review and discuss what is needed to create a timeline for your production.

Filming / Shooting

We bring the equipment needed for a legacy video shoot to your location of choice.

Editing / Delivery

The Legacy video will be delivered to your inbox and loaded onto a storage platform of your choice.

Look at the videos below to See a Sample of a Legacy Video.

Learn about how it works.


Check out this video about how it works after you submit information to learn more about doing a Legacy Video.

Customer Testimonials

Coach Quick
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OnSetMedia is an amazing company. They were able to put together a complete testimonial video for me. It was like putting together a puzzle with so many aspects (still photo, video, audio) and put it all together to make a beautiful final product. My family and friends have asked me when my movie career will start! I highly recommend Raymond Torres and his company OnSetMedia for any of your audio/visual needs as they will be able to bring your story to life!
P. Perez
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Very professional and personal to details.

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