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Who We Are?

We are filmmakers who wants the world to share their lives, experiences and their wisdom about this game we call life. 

Our why?

OSM Legacy video entered my heart when I lost my older brother Juan, and I remember having to be strong for my family members and many of his friends.

My older brother, Juan L. Torres (RIP), passed away at 40 years old in a motorcycle accident in Staten Island, NY. I remember having to be strong for my mom and dad considering the loss of their second son of three children. My brothers, two young children, and other family members and friends—I didn’t really understand how, but something triggered something in me after my brother’s death.

One week after he passed, we were searching for some old VHS video tapes of my brother and could not find anything. After a vigorous search, we finally found one video of him for about 40 seconds, and we sure did enjoy it for that moment.

He passed away at age 40 from a motorcycle accident in Staten Island, NY, on June 25, 2008. His name is Juan L. Torres( known as Jay). Even though it was tough on me and everyone close to him at the time, we all just needed each other’s support, so that’s what made this possible, even though there wasn’t much else you could do but cry and continue to live.

Remember, cherish your life; it is too short sometimes.

But after his death, something triggered inside me, which gave me the idea behind the OSM Legacy Video. The idea was to offer the life stories of regular people so they could share their life stories with living family and friends and/or leave stories for other generations to hear about what life was like in their current or younger years.

Now, years later, we’ve helped several families capture their loved ones’ final messages on video. It’s such a special thing to be able to watch and share these memories with future generations. Every time I help someone create one of these videos, it feels like Juan is right there with us, telling us to help them share their story with others.

Vision and Mission​

My life story is a journey that spans from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. I hope to pass on what knowledge I have gained with future generations so they can learn about the world we live in.

I am here because of my mission-to give everyone an opportunity to share their life stories for future generations and spread insight among them. My advice: if you want others find out more about your background culture or country then make sure to hit record and talk openly!

Raymond Torres

A Message from my eldest sister, Elsie

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