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OSM Legacy Video
Frequently Asked Questions.

No. I will ask many questions to help take us back in time. If the right question is asked, a person’s memories resurface and they can revisit an old memory that may have been forgotten or lost forever.

The video of your life should be a professional and high quality production. But there are few people that have the equipment, time, or skills needed to produce this type of work with just their smartphone camera. A good Legacy Video typically involves many hours on editing after capturing everything in one session!

Yes. While the video quality isn’t as clear and professional when done with a camera phone or tablet, interviews can still be filmed to produce an heirloom-quality film that is more personalized than one produced by professionals using expensive equipment.

I have a list of many questions I would like to ask you, and most are open-ended. This is great because it means that if you answer one of them in a certain way then there could be follow-up questions based solely on your response! Some people may want me to focus more on specific topics or avoid others entirely.

Yes, we accept all Major Credit Cards, Venmo, Cash app and other forms of payment. Crypto coming soon. 

Yes,Most times, people are most comfortable when referring to a piece of history shared previously but if the person is not comfortable then i do not recommend it. 

Something comfortable. Just avoid all white tops and ones with tiny patterns. We normally record from the waist up so feel free to wear your weird colored socks if you want.

Yes. We are based in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. 

Yes, and we can add old images you may have. We will discuss on how to copy the images for digital use. 

Everyone has something to share, My job is to help identify the stories to share with your intended audience.  No stories is not an option.  Trust me, you have a story! 

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